The founder of Hnail Garden developed the Jo Ana Collection. She indulged herself in making products from sensible and organic ingredients. "When we built our brand, we put a lot of thought into the purpose of what we  can offer to our valuable customers. We also really wanted to help our customers distinguish between the features  of our products and deliver consistent care and exclusive service for their nail health."



Senior Nail Technician & Instructor 


  • 2009 Tresor Nail Salon Taiwan Graduated
  • 2010 Japan Nailist Association (JNA) 3rd Class Nailist
  • 2010 ONS 3D Course Graduated
  • 2011 Taiwan Nailist Association (TNA) Second Class Nailist
  • 2012 ONS 3D Mix Art Course Graduated
  • 2013 Colourful Christmas Nail Competition 3D Design Group - Third Winner 
  • 2013 TRINTTY 1221 Advance Flat Nail Art Certificate
  • 2013 ONS Professional Lecture Course Graduated                                                                        
  • 2014 Taiwan Nailist Association (TNA) Hand & Nail Maintenance Competition - Fifth Place
  • 2014 Thailand Nail Competition Relay Race of Three - Third Winner
  • 2016 Taiwan Nailist Association (TNA) First Class Nailist
  • 2017 Nailympia competition Australia (Sculpture French Third Winner) 


Nail Technician

Katie started her career in the Nail Tech Industry with our very own Academy - where we teach the skills and techniques of the industry to inspiring artists - and has finished her course with us at the beginning of 2021. 


Nail Technician

With over 4 years experience as a Nail Tech, Olivia brings the skills and talents she's learned and developed in Taiwan, and has brought them right here to our salon!